Alberto De Gara
Still in Time

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About Me

Music and Song are my passion and since I was a child and, as long as I can remember, they have taken care of and accompanied me.

During my jurney I listened, I sang, I played and I’ve loved many types of music: from pop to rock (Trebisonda cover band ’94/’98), from electric blues to country music (Blue Vanilla blues band 2000/ 2004), from the bands to acustic duo (Acustic Trip ’05/’15), without ever feeling truly fulfilled.
All of this has been a long, arduous and exciting trip in constant search of My music!
…but now I have reached it!

Finally I have found the way to express myself, in a fragile balance between sweetness and passion, melancholy and regret, action and indolence.

My Music

If someone asked me about my songs, I would say that they are like paintings, where there’s a moment frozen in time, where the melody represents the emotion of that moment and the words define its contour, where the atmosphere mixes everything, sometimes softening, sometimes exalting the emotion itself.

My search, infact, is and was to represent the atmosphere of a situation with the music and express with the words what is happening, within and near, to those who are living it, in a simple and easy way.

As for the lyrics, I would call myself "a man of few words": I believe that to describe an emotion or a mood, we need just a few words, but the right ones.

Another key part is the melody! A song is beautiful when you can remember and sing it easily, while you’re driving, when you’re taking a shower…


Still in Time

2019 - CD


2016 - CD


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